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  • It was a great introduction to all of the fundamentals of lean for product development, I got an understanding of all the major themes of lean for PD...that was really a good way to learn.
    Carsten Lauridsen
    Lean PD Champion - Novozymes
  • I learned a lot, it answered a lot of questions I had about how lean can be applied to a process that is largely a design function. . .that has directly translated into our own initiatives.
    Beth Robinson
    Director of Continous Improvement - Hixson Architecture Engineering Interiors
  • I liked hearing other people's questions, sharing their A3s, and sharing their own experiences...There was an A3 on the topic and the class stayed on topic--Katherine kept it organized.
    Tom Carbone
    Lean PD Champion - Fairchild Semiconductor
  • Katherine Radeka's "LPD Basics" class helped us jump start our lean product development program at Nielsen-Kellerman.
    Michael Naughton
    Engineering Manager - Nielsen-Kellerman
  • We learned how to look at product development in a different way. . .We learned there is no universal solution, you have to take general principles and then customize them to your own needs.
    Jacek Dutkiewicz
    Product & Market Development Mgr - Buckeye Technologies

What's in the LPDRC?

Knowledge Briefs

We've moved our Resource Center to the new Rapid Learning Cycles Framework Resource Center at this address:

The new site is dedicated to the Rapid Learning Cycles framework - which is our proven approach to doing Lean Product Development - without necessarily talking about Lean.

I hope you will join us there!